New Casino Sites

New casinos are great! They are fun. Exciting. An opportunity for more bonuses. Some of them even bring something new to online gambling, that wasn’t there before: new games, features and so on.

But there is a catch. The are risky. Not many players played there before. Or even if some have – there is not enough history to judge. There were plenty online casinos that started with a bang only to sink to the bottom a year later, taking players money with it.

But, there are “new casinos” and there are “new casinos from established groups“. And there is a huge difference between the two.

The first ones are indeed risky – they might turn out to be great, but most likely they will not.

The second ones – are the best of two worlds: they share the excitement and advantages of new casino site with the safety and confidence of an old and established company.

In the table below you can find new casinos that have old and established sister sites, which you can enjoy safely.

For those of you who like to check things before everyone else, we will add a special table with sites from new casino groups. You are welcome to try them, with caution, and updated as on your experience so we share it with others.

New Online Casinos from Established Companies

How to Enjoy New Casino Safely

To be honest, when playing in new online casinos, there is almost no way to avoid certain risks involved. I don’t want to repeat myself but the only way to really be safe is to play in new brand launched by an established company. However if that’s not the case, here are few tips:

  • Be strict with initial reviews: there are not many reviews however if they are not great – avoid. New casino that is attempting to make name for itself should be great. if you see comments about support, technical things or withdrawals – you should stay away.
  • Pay attention to details: if you’ve been playing online, you already have a sense how online casino should look and operate. Trust yourself. If something feels off, it probably is. And i mean anything: design looks sloppy, some link not working, strange terms. All those small details are alarm bells that help you avoid bigger issues down the road.
  • Go small: if you are used to depositing $100 and withdrawing only if you reach $500, cut that in half when playing on a new site. Even more, make a withdrawal the moment you can, even if it’s a small amount. You want to see that you get paid and paid on time, before spending more money. If there is an issue, you want to discover it sooner rather than later.

Last, if you are new to online casinos, there is really no reason whatsoever for you to play in new casinos. They are all new to you, so just pick the most established one and have fun.